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    Masamichi Shimosaka, Nishi Kentaro, Junichi Sato, Hirokatsu Kataoka, “Predicting Driving Behavior Using Inverse Reinforcement Learning with Multiple Reward Functions towards Environmental Diversity”, IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV), May 2015. (Acceptance rate (oral): 6.6%)

  • Tomoaki Yamabe, Hirokatsu Kataoka, Akio Nakamura, “Quantized Feature with Angular Displacement for Activity Recognition”, IEEJ Trans. information and systems, Vol.135, No.4, pp.372-380, Apr. 2015.

  • Junji Kurano, Masaki Hayashi, Taiki Yamamoto, Hirokatsu Kataoka, Masamoto Tanabiki, Junko Furuyama, Yoshimitsu Aoki, “Ball Trajectory Extraction in Team Sports Videos by Focusing on Ball Holder Candidates for a Play Search and 3D Virtual Display System”, Journal of Signal Processing, Vol.19, No.4, pp.147-150, 2015.

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    Hirokatsu Kataoka, Kiyoshi Hashimoto, Kenji Iwata, Yutaka Satoh, Nassir Navab, Slobodan Ilic, Yoshimitsu Aoki, “Extended Co-occurrence HOG with Dense Trajectories for Fine-grained Activity Recognition”, Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV), Nov. 2014. (Acceptance rate: 27.8%)

  • Hirokatsu Kataoka, Kiyoshi Hashimoto, Yoshimitsu Aoki, “Feature Integration with Random Forests for Real-time Human Activity Recognition”, International Conference on Machine Vision (ICMV), Nov. 2014. (Acceptance rate: 40.0%)

  • Hirokatsu Kataoka, Yoshimitsu Aoki, “An Analysis of Edge Orientation and Magnitude in Co-occurrence Feature Descriptor”, SICE Annual Conference, Sep. 2014.

  • Tomoaki Yamabe, Hirokatsu Kataoka, Akio Nakamura, “A Study on Features for Early Recognition of Human Activities”, SICE Annual Conference, Sep. 2014.

  • Hirokatsu Kataoka, Kimimasa Tamura, Kenji Iwata, Yutaka Satoh, Yasuhiro Matsui, Yoshimitsu Aoki, “Extended Feature Descriptor and Vehicle Motion Model with Tracking-by-detection for Pedestrian Active Safety”, IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, Vol.E97-D, No.2, 2014.

  • Junji Kurano, Taiki Yamamoto, Hirokatsu Kataoka, Masaki Hayashi, Yoshimitsu Aoki, “Ball Tracking in Team Sports by Focusing on Ball Holder Candidates”, International Workshop on Advanced Imate Technology (IWAIT2014), Jan. 2014.